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note from your moderators!
So, if you guys were keeping tabs on this community, you've probably noticed that we ... completely dropped the ball on our promise of seasonal/themed fic challenges. We'd once said that we were planning to be as consistent possible with these and we didn't exactly follow through with that. Honestly, life ended up getting the best of the moderators (from school to work) and it wasn't a plan to have this community moved to the back burner, it just kind of... happened. Regardless of that though, we're back! Or we'll be putting things together to make a comeback over the next week or two. It's been something that's been in consideration for a bit, but we figured it'd make most sense to try and start again where we begun: with a Halloween challenge. It feels like coming full circle and we fully intend on keeping our word this time around with our seasonal/themed challenges/exchanges.

Once again: we're sorry for slacking and keep your eye out for information on our (comeback) Halloween challenge! (We should have all the information up by the start of September).

masterlist: halloween trope challenge
Well, it's already wrap-up time for our first challenge! Despite many participants having to (understandably, of course!) drop out due to other commitments and circumstances, we are really impressed with the turnout and excellent lineup of works submitted this round! We mods would like to thank each and every participant for making this challenge a success. Below, you will find a masterlist of works submitted this round. As promised, later today, we will be posting an amnesty thread - so if you finish a prompt at any time in the future, you can post the fill there! More details will included in the post itself. Once again, thank you all for being awesome participants, and we hope you'll join us for our next event: our Holiday Fic Exchange! Coming very soon, so be on the lookout~


Title: Pomegranate
Author: wolfic
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): snsd, onesided!sooyoung x yoona, yoona x yuri
Prompt: curse
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sooyoung and Yoona get cursed by a pair of rings they buy for Yuri’s birthday

It’s the kind of store that fits the antiquated look.

Title: Snowmelt
Author: wolfic
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): f(x), snsd, krystal-centric, sooyoung x jessica
Prompt: yokai
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Krystal follows Sooyoung to Japan to find her sister

On the day her sister disappears, Krystal doesn’t realize something is strange until halfway through breakfast.

L (is for losing)
Title: L (is for losing)
Author: dashelots
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): girl's day, Yura/Minah
Prompt: mad scientist
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: minor violence
Summary: ”Yura was the cure to the flawed human condition.” Until she met Bang Minah and found that she was much more human than she was lead to believe.

(According to official documentation Kim Yura didn't exist...)

falling apart, unseen
Title: falling apart, unseen
Author: sesamemilk
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): hello venus, yooyoung-centric with some yooyoung/nara
Prompt: ghosts/spirits
Rating: pg
Warnings: implied character death (because of ghosts)
Summary: yooyoung goes through her life seeing more than just the living

Title: home
Author: hyemint
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): nine muses, hyemi/minha
Prompt: apocalypse
Rating: pg
Warnings: character death
Summary: Minha could confidently say that, for as long as she'd known her, not once had she seen Hyemi cry.

When The Sun Comes Up...
Title: When The Sun Comes Up...
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: Girls Day
Chapter: 1/1 one shot
Pairing: Yura/Minah
Rating: R (to be safe)
Warning: [Highlight *spoilers*] Character Death,
Summary: Yura knew the current Vampire invasion was never going to end.
A/N: Inspired a little by MCR's Vampires will never hurt you.

You must guard your soul like a secret in your throat...

damaged goods, damaged goods
Title: damaged goods, damaged goods
Author: sesamemilk
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): 4minute, sohyun-centric
Prompt: cyborgs/robots
Rating: pg
Warnings: -
Summary: sohyun finds her in a dumpster, upside down and missing an arm

Let's Try
Title: Let's Try (save the world)
Author: dashelots
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): f(x), Amber/Luna
Prompt: apocalypse
Rating: pg
Warnings: none
Summary: "Are you going to take two of each animal with you, as well?” The world is ending so Amber decides to build a boat.

(It's all you hear about on the news these days...)